Guoxia Han


Ph.D.   University of Arizona,  2000

MSc   Central Michigan University,  1994


Student Internship Coordinator

Associate Professor,Biological Sciences, XJTLU (2009 - Present), Suzhou, China-PRC.

Associate Professor, Nanjing University (2007 - 2008), Nanjing, China-PRC.

Research Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania (2005 - 2007), Philadelphia, United States of America.

Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania (2004 - 2005), Philadelphia, United States of America.

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (2001 - 2003), Philadelphia, United States of America.

Research Interests

  • Biocompatible and bioactive nano-material design, synthesis and application;
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of tumors, including: breast, prostate, ovarian;
  • Application of NIR (near infrared fluorescence and radiolabelled materials, including: specialized Cy5 derivative, QDot (Quantum Dots) and 18F, 99mTc;
  • Novel Chinese-western medicine to cure disease with higher efficacy.


Grieco, P., Cai, M., Han, G., Trivedi, D., Campiglia, P., Novellino, E.; Hruby, V. (2007).  Further structure-activity studies of lactam derivatives of MT-II and SHU-9119: Their activity and selectivity at human melanocortin receptors 3, 4, and 5.   J. Peptides, 28 (6), 1191.

Hsu, R., Taylor, R. J., Newton, S. S., Alvaro, D. J., Haile, C., Han, G.; Hruby, V. J.; Nestler, E. J.; and Duman, R. S. Eur. (2005).  Blockade of melanocortin transmission inhibits cocaine reward.   J. Neurosci (21), 2233.

Hrub, J. V., Han, G., Kendall, L., Bonner, G., Hadley, E. M., Haskell-Luevano, C.; Cone R. D. (2004).  De Novo design, synthesis and pharmacology of ?-MSH analogues derived from somatostatin by a hybrid approach.   J. Med. Chem (47), 1514.

Han, G., Quillan, M. J., Carlson, K., Sadee, W., & Hruby, J. V. (2004).  Design of novel chimeric melanotropin analogues---Discovery of the first potent human melanocortin 1 receptor antagonist.   J. Med. Chem (46), 810.

Hruby, J. V., Han, G., & Gitu, P. (2003).  Synthesis of side-chain conformationally restricted amino acids.   Methods Org. Chem, E22c (9), 6-51.

Research Grants 


2010: Han, G. Development and application for the intermediates with market value, Principal Investigator, Collaborate with Suzhou HaoBo technology co.,LTD.